Submission Guidelines-

As a small publisher, I have limited resources, but I'm always on the lookout for a great story. I'm interested in commercial fiction, women's literature and romance novels specifically.


When querying, please adhere to the format below:


#1) Use the contact form and include Query, Title, Author Name, Word Count and Genre in the Subject.

#2) In paragraph one provide a story synopsis. 

In paragraph two, add a hook and short description...think book jacket.

Lastly, take a few lines to tell me about yourself, your writing experience and expectations. Include your email address, phone number, and website or links to social media accounts.

#3) Include the first three pages (double spaced) of your book or up to 1200 words beneath your bio.

If I'm interested in your story, I'll contact you shortly. There is no need to follow up or DM via social media. If I have the bandwidth and your story speaks to me, I'll reach out.

*Note, I am not able to pay advances, and I don't charge reading fees. If I'm interested in working with you, I'll send an agreement outlining the specifics of my duties and commitments toward publishing your book. My intention is to offer no-cost publishing, editing, cover design, and formatting services in exchange for shared royalties. I'm interested in working with motivated writers who are driven to succeed and value partnership.