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Poetry release on June 16, 2022!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hello Readers, I'm excited to announce that my latest poetry project, BROKEN VASES is available for pre-order and delivery on June 16! This project completely snuck up on me. I was writing poetry and working on smaller pieces all year, and I didn't realize how far I'd come. Pulling this unique and visually appealing book together has been a thrill.

To give you a little history on the compilation, many of the poems resulted from the #vss365 hashtag and writing prompt on Twitter. If you like micro-poetry, I recommend you check it out. I also included a poem from 2000 that I recently came across. Finding it reminded me that writing has long been a way for me to channel experiences.

Thank you for following me as I experiment with words, different mediums, and a wide range of emotions.



Here is the link to pre-order the ebook. Stay tuned for updates on the printed version:


Your time and support mean the world to me and so do your reviews. If you have read one of my books, please leave me a review when you get the chance.

Here are the review links: Goodreads Amazon

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