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Coming soon, a dark romance read

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Most anticipated romance books by Holly Manno
Book of James is Coming Soon

Hello Readers,

I'm wrapping up the writing and editing of my most scandalous project yet . . .BOOK of JAMES. I thought I'd share a little snippet from a scene in which Louise Pascal meets with her new literary agent, Mila Wayne, and learns that there is a bidding war between two publishing houses that want the rights to her work. These are her thoughts after she's been told the news...

My lifetime of tragedy and hedonic escapades would soon be exposed and for top dollar. I thought of the steps it took to get there, the years when Mom was still alive and the hundreds of cups of tea I brewed for her. In a flash, I heard the sound of her groveling voice and felt the shock of discovery as my 17-year-old self returned home from school to find her.

Now I would tell the masses just how I came to be. All of my casual encounters and daring deeds would be deconstructed and compartmentalized as reactions to a tainted childhood. For the first time, I wondered what I’d have been like were it not for my poor, sick mom.

My intention at the onset of writing my experiences was cathartic. When it was finished, I knew I’d never be free of my mother’s imprint. Would shining a light on it make it less mine to carry or would sharing it free me in some way? The future was unknown but one fact rose to the surface of my thoughts. It would never be as hard as it was back then because I wasn’t going to unravel as mom did. James was proof of that.

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