Can I be loved?

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Jay wonders, "Can I be loved?"
An excerpt from Times Two by Holly Manno

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An excerpt from TIMES TWO, book II in the LOVE TEST series. In this episode, Jay confides to Audrey and Lanie that his partner, Serg has popped the question. Jay wonders if he can handle a life-long commitment. Lanie and Audrey are rapt . . .

Jay ventured, “Can I ask you both something?”

The women looked at one another, then Jay. “Sure,” Audrey replied.

“Do you think something is

wrong with me?”

Their expressions of surprise matched as they asked over one another, “Why do you ask?”

Jay couldn’t even laugh at their jinx. “Serge asked me to marry him again—actually, for the third time—and I still can’t say yes.”

“What?” Audrey was freaking out. “Wait, three times? When did this happen?”

Jay rolled his eyes and said, “The first time was after Halloween, but I attributed that to our acid trip, so I blew it off. Next, he asked me on Christmas morning over mimosas. He used the foil from the champagne bottle as a faux ring. It was cute, but I didn’t think he was serious and I said as much. Next, he asked me after our midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve…” His gaze went distant.

The ladies wanted details. Audrey wouldn’t hold back. “What was there left to say by the third time around?”

Jay’s eyes misted. To pull himself together, he jutted his chin and blinked away the tears. “He said that he knew from the start I was the one for him. He said he knows he’s never going to be the love of my life, but if I marry him,” his chin quivered, “he’ll make sure that I love the rest of my life.”

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