Finding inspiration while on vacation

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Until last month I had no idea if I could combine inspiration and respite. Here's what I learned...

Vacation Inspiration on the Pacific

“As with most things in life, getting what you want doesn't mean it will be easy.”

In late January I decided to take a road trip. I'd been wanting to do if for longer than I could remember and this particular spot was important for me to visit for two reasons. I adore the California coast and it makes me feel at home to see it. As well, there is a special hotel in this little town, where dogs are treated like royalty. My sweetest pup is aging and I'd always wanted to take her. Besides, I had things to celebrate. I'd written two books and both were with my editor. For the moment, my hands were tied on those projects. Now was the time to consider my next move. I thought a change of scenery might give me the inspiration I needed.

Beware the old adage, be careful what you wish for. The new woman arrives in town. Within fifteen minutes a meet cute with the local Tom Cat ensues. Perfect material, right? Wrong! That's when the fireworks happen. It's a conflict not a romance.

The glorious bit between the meet cute and where we derailed was productive and nourishing, as were the 24 hours of windshield time. I found the title and hook for my next work and a few other scenes or portions of the story came to me while I visited that mild, picturesque town.

The explosive finale of my time there-though blurry and shocking-will make the cut at some point. In the meantime, I'm grateful to have met a man with three names. There is always a villain and he must be named. #fiction #villain #vacation #inspiration #vacationinspiration #traveltuesday #womeninbusiness #books #author #romance #funny #blog #hollymanno #bookblog #bookreviews #hollywood #hollywoodnews #theoffice #rough #missedconnections #anchorofgold #lovetest

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