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Endangered Wolf Pups––First Born in the Wild in Decades––Killed in Wyoming

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Hunters kill endangered wolves
Endangered Wolf

Three endangered and protected wolf cubs, born in Colorado this year––the first in decades––were killed when they crossed into Wyoming territory. Humans are everywhere leaving animals with no place to exist. We call wild animals dangerous, and tell stories about the devastation they cause, yet, they are in danger of extinction.

I have always admired the glorious creatures who live off of the land and feed the ecosystem. They deserve to be honored. If you are a faithful person, you believe that God created all of the creatures and treasures our planet enjoys. The story of Noah building an arc to save the animals––while fantastic––demonstrates a long-standing belief in valuing every living being.

Why do some feel it is their right to snuff out the miracle of animal life? The weight is often placed upon the word dominion as a biblical reference. The thing is, dominion is impossible once the animals are gone. If one believes the Bible, one must also believe that God created all life. What right do people have to extinct a species?

Attached and below is my first screenplay. It illustrates the reality of life for wolves and the hypocrisy of humans. This piece is available in print and included in my 2022 publication, Broken Vases.


A Silent Short


Wolf Pack

Woman 40s

Labrador Retriever

Man 40s



Fade In:

Act I

scene 1 Dusk


It’s dusk and a wolf pack with young pups overlook a valley of not-so-distant homes and a lake.

Act I

scene 2 A dog’s life


A fit, ageless woman is finishing a run around a lake that is surrounded by pine trees. It is early evening and the sun is setting. She has a large black Labrador retriever dog with her. His tail is wagging as they take the last few steps toward her SUV.


The woman removes the dog’s leash.


The dog barks cheerfully.


She faces the dog and pulls something from her pocket. The dog sits. She hands him a treat, which he swallows. She opens the passenger car door and he jumps in. She gets into her side and kisses the dog’s nose. She starts the engine, and they drive away.

Act II

scene 1 Cozy home


After a short drive, she turns off the main road and advances down a long driveway. She and the dog get out of the car and enter a rustically inspired but elegant home. The furnishings are superior and warm. They walk into the kitchen.


A clean-cut, forty-something man sits on a stool by a wooden island. The room is decorated with various mountings of animal heads. In the background is a large bookshelf and a Bible with golden letters is prominently in the frame. The man is cleaning an automatic rifle with a fine cloth.


Upon entering the room, the dog runs toward the man.


The man reaches down and strokes the dog’s head then stands as the woman comes over to him. They peck on the lips. The man walks away and to the refrigerator. He pulls out a container of raw meat and fills the dog’s bowl.


The dog eats.


scene 1 Our mission


The man is now outfitted in camouflage. He opens the front door and looks over his shoulder at the woman and his dog, as he waves goodbye. He leaves in the night carrying his automatic weapon and enters the passenger side of a lifted SUV. He fist bumps the driver and the passenger in the backseat who is dressed similarly to him. They smile and pull swiftly away.


scene 2, Shiner


Soon they drive down a dark road and cut their headlights. There are few homes and most are spaced by long stretches of land. The fields are silvery on the nearly moonless night.


The backseat passenger rolls his window down and places something large on the sill. He switches on a shiner and the field is illuminated with neon-yellow pairs of eyes.


The man (passenger/front) has opened his window too. He steadies a rifle on the sill and begins to fire. The booming sound of one round after the next overshadows the wolves' cries. One by one the glowing sets of eyes that shined in the night––vanish––forever.

Fade In:

WORDS across a silent black screen:

"Won’t you SPARE the original dog?"

Fade Out





Extinct Dominion a silent screenplay by Holly Manno
Download • 29.76MB

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