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Updated: Jun 12

Hello Everyone,

I've been working on BOOK of JAMES, my most scandalous manuscript to date! I think (hope) it will have a broad appeal. It is written from a dual point of view and it's a story within a story. I don't know how I managed to scribe a tale of tormented love that's deep, funny, arousing, and obscenely romantic. The characters came alive for me and the plot unfurled by their actions. It's not quite ready for you to read yet, but here is a teaser. A version of this may go on the cover. What do you think?


BOOK of JAMES: Thirty-six-year-old, psychologist, Louise Pascale had a tragic childhood that was filigreed with moments of gold. It shaped her. And on her seventeenth birthday, she took possession of her life in a peculiar way. After watching her mother’s frenzy, specifically, when it came to love–she chose control. It is her guilt-free pleasure.

James Roberts is laser-focused on his career in making the world a greener place. But his relationship status–that's another story. There hasn’t been anyone meaningful in his life since his former fiance walked out, and the tabloids captured it all.

Strangled by the past, Louise and James are resolute in their plans to remain forever single–that is, until they meet. A stormy night and destiny's hand introduce them, catapulting them into the limelight and exposing the secrets they've long protected. In a meeting that will change their lives, will they bend or break?


Stay tuned for updates, snippets, and more: #steamyromance

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