Regarding book titles, I must admit mine often change by the time the book is complete. Feedback from advanced readers and my perspective after reviewing the final version are two reasons why I've switched titles. For example, MY DIARY of  DISASTER was initially going to be...MY FIRST DICK PIC, a diary of disaster. I thought it was clever, but it didn't get the response I was hoping for from readers. Also, I was unsure how the algorithm would handle it.

How do you choose your stories?  I have gone about the subject/storyline creation in different ways. There are many things that influence my plots and ultimately the messages I hope to express. For example, I wrote ANCHOR of GOLD to answer a ludicrous line of questioning that required only a two-letter word reply. Verbosity, I am told, is the plague of writers. It may seem a strange investment of time to write a novel when one word would have sufficed, but life gave me a prompt, and I ran with it and in doing so, I proved to myself that I really was a writer.