Until I was cast out into the darkest sea, only then did I find the bravery to be who I was all the time.”

I've dreamed of writing a book, always. It's taken more than I can say to push through to write not one but four novels. Fueled by determination, and the coffee in my mug, I'm editing my fourth and writing my fifth book–completing the three-book LOVE TEST series. That's right, LOVE TEST is going to be your next steamy binge read. Oh, the places we will go...


Stay tuned for release updates and excerpts of my newest book. 

love test MATCHMAKING DESTINY -times two -February 2021

A compilation of flowers -2021

love test MATCHMAKING DESTINY -Book of XXXXX -2022

MY diary of disaster -February 2020


ANCHOR of GOLD -March 2019

ANCHOR of GOLD review: In a world where consequences burn up in literature like so much trash, you put careful consideration into the seriousness of the situation your heroine faced. - Reader: C. Cummings

LOVE TEST review: A wild and interesting experiment in multiple character perspectives which land in the end smack on Lanie and her discovery that she can build a bigger life. - Playwright: Katie Bennett.

MY DIARY of DISASTER review: I loved this book! It's one of those you start to read and think could this be me? And just like that, everything changes and your life looks nothing the same. - Reader: Ms. Aeorn

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