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“Until I was cast out into the darkest sea, only then did I find the bravery to be who I was all the time.”

The worlds between pages have long been a respite for me. I began reading at three and never stopped. My love of story translated to writing, and in 2012, I started working on my first book. That’s when I conceptualized, outlined, and wrote the initial chapters of LOVE TEST which sat in the virtual drawer for six years.
In 2018, I picked the manuscript back up and have since written five books and two poetry collections. In 2019, my novels were featured by the Willamette Writers, as part of a promotion for the Portland Book Festival. In 2020, I was included in the Hillsboro Library, Author Showcase, and was awarded a grant by Literary Arts through the Brian Booth Fund for Writers. 
My stories hope to shed light on the power and strength of women, demonstrating the greatness that society and we ourselves reduce. Peer through my hopeful lens and together we will escape.
Yours, H
P.S. It's a proven fact that nothing bad ever happens when one is reading a book.

Release dates:

Broken Vases-COMING . . .June 16, 2022! Get it today!


Apple and Orange Met Grape-November 18, 2021! (first books)

A Compilation of Flowers -November 22, 2021! (Poetry)

Times Two -February 2021

Book of XXXXX - coming soon

My Diary of Disaster -February 2020

Love Test - March 2019

Anchor of Gold - March 2019


Review quotes

ANCHOR of GOLD review: In a world where consequences burn up in literature like so much trash, you put careful consideration into the seriousness of the situation your heroine faced. - Reader: C. Cummings

Review quotes
Review quotes

LOVE TEST review: A wild and interesting experiment in multiple character perspectives which land in the end smack on Lanie and her discovery that she can build a bigger life. - Playwright: Katie Bennett.

Review quotes
Review quotes

MY DIARY of DISASTER review: I loved this book! It's one of those you start to read and think could this be me? And just like that, everything changes and your life looks nothing the same. - Reader: Ms. Aeorn

Review quotes
Review quotes

TIMES TWO - Book II in the LOVE TEST Series: Great character development and storyline! Well-developed story! It was the perfect quick read on a long car ride! - Reader: Ashley Keihn

Review quotes

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