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MY diary of disaster  



Romance read of the mont

Some people wonder how a person can have an affair. They question what it takes to be THAT kind of person. I used to be one of them.



Love doesn't test, but people do. 


In this modern era of instant everything, when it comes to online dating, you’re either in or out, right? Not so fast-what if a brand-new approach paired tech with destiny-could that sway you? What if you were already engaged?


MY diary of disaster
Was it vengeance or a good deed?

Evelyn Snow didn’t plan on becoming a dual-agent for hire. She didn’t expect to be dating past forty, and she definitely didn’t anticipate juggling multiple men at once, but when her former life vanished, she had to adapt.

With her world in turmoil and haunted by a past she's tried to erase, Evelyn walks into the arms of Rye Cox, the man who holds no woman, and meets a therapist who pushes her to confront the people who tried to break her. Dr. Cord's assignment is simple: Have fun and write a journal.

Welcome to my diary of disaster...

One woman's journey dealing with sexual abuse, societal double standards, relinquinshing guilt, finding her voice and ultimately love.

stay tuned
work in progress




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