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Broken Vases by Holly Manno

broken vases

Poetry is lawless. Its nature is unrestrained and without rules. Untethered by convention, appearance, or punctuation, these words sprang from me as I reacted to circumstances and the prompts that life assigned. Read along as I grapple with this dimension, and the layers that surround, and shape, our world.


The Love Test series...

Love Test by Holly Manno 122822.jpeg
Times Two by Holly Manno 122822.jpeg
Love doesn't test, but people do. 

In this modern era of instant everything, when it comes to online dating, you’re either in or out, right? Not so fast-what if a brand-new approach paired tech with destiny-could that sway you? What if you were already engaged?

Matchmaking romance

Online dating

Feminist romance novels

Coming soon in romance!
Times Two, Book II
Destiny's pair aims a quiver of arrows at two reluctant couples. 

What would you do if a revolutionary new matchmaking system paired you with a person you already knew? Follow two couples as they test love, and each other in this steamy romance story.

Coming soon in romance!
Coming soon in romance!
My Diary of Disaster by Holly Manno ebook 122822.jpeg
my diary of disaster
sometimes vengeance is a good deed.

With the shadows of her past returned, Evelyn Snow walks into the arms of Rye Cox, the man who holds no woman, and seeks guidance from a therapist, Dr. Cord, who suggests she unmask the ones who broke her. Changing her city, her job, and even her man at forty is one way to interpret the good doctor's advice...

"Have fun and write a journal."

Feminist romance novel

Anchor of Gold by Holly Manno
anchor of gold
never say never 

Business, pleasure, and the chaos of modern life twist Madeline down a shadowed path where she meets Travis, the man who breaks all of her rules. 

Feminist romance novel

New releases!

A Compilation of Flowers by Holly Manno
A compilation of flowers

A collection of poems and musings on subjects ranging from dawn, motherhood, loss, and inspiration.

Apple and Orange Met Grape children's book by Holly Manno
apple and orange met grape
first books

What happens when you put things together that weren't close before? Exploration brings the flavor into our lives. Apple and Orange Met Grape is a sweet story about mixing things up and finding the joy.

-a family project

BOOK of  JAMES coming soon.

Book of James by Holly Manno.jpeg
book of james

Louise has a secret. James does too. A stormy night and destiny's hand introduce them, catapulting them into the limelight and exposing the darkness of their pasts.

It's a meeting that will change them forever. Will they bend or break?

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